Saturday, January 30, 2010

Avatar 2 Spoilers: There's More Coming

You just saw Avatar - now read the spoilers for the sequel.James Cameron told Entertainment Weekly, “If we announce Avatar 2, we made money. If we didn’t make money, we’re a bunch of dumb f—s."

With a domestic total of over $230 million (and rising), Avatar is on its way to becoming one of the most successful blockbuster films of all time.

So can the sequel's greenlight (or should I say, bluelight...) be that far off?

James Cameron knew from the get-go he had a franchise on his hands, so we decided to get a jump on all the facts, rumors, and bogus info for the inevitable Avatar 2. Take that smurfs!


* Cameron has a "trilogy-scaled arc" for Jake and Princess Neytiri. (MTV)

* With all the technology developed and in place, don't expect to wait ten years for Avatar 2 to roll around. (LA Times)


* Cameron says Avatar 2 could explore the other moons surrouding Pandora's planet Polyphemus or other parts of the Alpha Centuri A solar system. (Marketsaw)

* Stephen Lang told us we shouldn't count him out for an Avatar sequel: "Listen, the rules are different on Pandora. I can't say one way or another, but if you remember I say, 'nothing's over as long as I'm breathing.' Well my mantra now is, 'nothing's over as long as I got DNA.' (UGO)

* Producer Jon Landau has hinted that we only touched the surface of Pandora and have yet to explore its interior. (Slashfilm)

* James Cameron may go straight into an Avatar sequel before his proposed Battle Angel film.

It may be years away, but make sure to check back for the latest in Avatar sequel news!


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  2. AVATAR 2...ill support it 110% :)Please dont forget to put neytiri :)