Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan Earthquake Could Hurt 'Avatar 2' and James Cameron's Epic Underwater Dive

As Japan struggles to recover from this month's devastating earthquake and tsunami, the tragic natural disaster is casting another Hollywood production into jeopardy. Last week we reported that Guillermo Del Toro's monster movie 'Pacific Rim' could be facing rewrites to eliminate scenes of Japan being devastated by giant monsters. Now comes today's news that the aftereffects of the 9.0 magnitude quake could delay James Cameron's 'Avatar 2.'

Coming Attractions got the exclusive scoop from a trusted source who says that Cameron's well-documented plans to build a submersible to take him to the bottom of the Mariana Trench are now in danger. The filmmaker planned to study lifeforms in the deepest part of the ocean for inspiration for creatures in the sequel to the highest grossing film of all-time, and to shoot 3D footage for use in the film.

Those plans are now being reconsidered. The mammoth earthquake that shook the region (and moved the coast of Japan a whopping eight feet) has undoubtedly changed the landscape beneath the sea, but more importantly, aftershocks are still happening – and could continue for several years.

CA's source says those potential aftershocks are what could derail Cameron's plans – which is expensive bad news for the filmmaker, who had commissioned an Australian team to build a state-of-the-art submersible that could get him to the Challenger Deep safely. At 36,000 feet, it's the deepest spot on the planet. The submersible is already halfway to completion.

The problem is that with the threat of aftershocks and the inherent danger of traveling to those depths in the first place (it's a mile deeper than Everest is high, and the pressure is eight tonnes per square inch) there's not likely a liability insurer who will take on the risk. No liability insurance? No trip to the depths of the Trench.

If that turns out to be the case, Cameron will be forced to come up with a new way to explore Pandora's oceans in 'Avatar 2' – or he could just wait a decade until things have calmed down beneath the sea and then go and get his footage. We wouldn't be surprised if the latter path was the one he chose...

Kidding aside, what do you guys think? With the advent of computer technology, it seems like Cameron could easily create an underwater world without risking his life traveling to the depths of the ocean floor. Would you rather he just do that or would you prefer to wait for the next film so that he can implement that footage into his feature even if it means 'Avatar 2' is delayed for several years? Weigh the options in our comment section.


  1. A double feeling. I would be disappointed if he would really wait for a chance to go deep down under water, because not only I but a whole fanbase is waiting for the next Avatar movie. On the other hand I can see his perfectionism making him wait...

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  3. I feel that it should not be delayed. It is gonna take to long if thats the case to create avatar 2. People already want the next one to come out quick. If He waits that long people are not gonna be interested anymore. yea it would be cool to have the footage in the movie but who is really gonna want to wait that long.

  4. With all due respect, my mega master mentor (CAMERON) is a PERFECTIONIST!Only this time - unnecessarily. For the life of me, if you want to search for life forms in the ocean, don't you have safer places to do it? Yes, that will cost more money - but your fans are waiting!!! You've promised... to delay it more years?.... come on! If he has made history (I know he changed my life with AVATAR the first....) and made a film that made history, he shouldn't delay! He should search another place (most of our planet covered with water....) and continue there. He doesn't owe us anything, of course, but we love your work, dear beloved boss and we want you to do AVATAR 2, 3, and 8 if possible. Please don't delay anything!!!