Thursday, October 14, 2010

4D Avatar movie with more exciting effects lands in Beijing

The 3D Avatar movie was a hit in China, and the film in its 4D version landed in Beijing again on Sept. 29.

On the evening of Sept. 28, the South Korean cinema chain CJ CGV held the opening ceremony of its first movie theater in Beijing. The movie theater, located near the Beijing Olympic center, officially opened for business on Sept. 29, and its first knockout product is the 4D Avatar film.

4D Avatar is even more exciting than the 3D version.

The 4D Avatar movie can create more exciting effects than the 3D version. When watching the 4D film, the audience will find that the seats can move, release aroma, eject water or rotate according to the film story.

For example, when the hero in the film flies a giant bird downwards, the audience will not only have the feeling when watching the 3D movie, they will also hear the wind in their ears, find that the seats are a bit shaky and feel that they seem to be falling as well.

A 4D Avatar ticket is 150 yuan.

The film Avatar hit Chinese screens on Jan. 4 2010 and was still showing in some Beijing cinemas until the end of the May 1 Holiday. The blockbuster movie took in nearly 1.4 billion yuan in China.
Now, the film Avatar has landed in Beijing again with a 4D version and has already started to show in the CGV movie theater near the Beijing Olympic center.

According to Xiang Zheng, the movie theater's marketing manager, a 4D Avatar ticket is 150 yuan and tickets for shows without the effects of wind or ejecting water are sold at the price of 120 yuan.

Xiang said that Avatar will be on show in the theater during all of October because it is the only theater that can allow audiences to perfectly experience the effects of 4D films.

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