Thursday, October 14, 2010

Extended Avatar Reissue ‘Ultimate Box Set,’ Says Cameron

Director James Cameron calls the upcoming Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition “the ultimate box set of Avatar, with everything in it the fans could possibly want.”

In a press release detailing the bonus-packed reissue, which hits stores Nov. 16, Cameron said the set would include an extended cut that’s 16 minutes longer than the original version of the world’s highest-grossing movie, plus documentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes, extra artwork and more than 45 minutes of deleted scenes — “everything worth putting into a special edition.”

The three-disc pile-up ($55 Blu-ray, $35 DVD) is perfectly built for Earth’s exhaustive scholars of all things Pandora, at least until a more-extensive edition comes out before Cameron’s planned Avatar sequels premiere.

Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition even features a family-friendly audio track that strips out the bad words that sci-fi supersoldiers regularly abuse in the movie. The rest of us should be sated by the alternate openings, extra screen time and feature-length documentary “Capturing Avatar.“ I see you, James Cameron. I see you.


  1. im sooo gonna buy both dvd and bluray's when it releases in my country :D

  2. Hehe, already pre-ordered the one that comes with Cameron's signature. I'm such a geek XD