Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blu-ray Review: AVATAR in 3D (Panasonic Exclusive)

The excellent Blu-ray resource website has done the first review of the new 3D Blu-ray edition of James Cameron's AVATAR -- which currently is exclusively available from Panasonic with a purchase of 3D equipment (TVs, Blu-ray player, 3D glasses).

Juan Calonge of News provides the following introduction summary...

James Cameron's AVATAR is by far the top-grossing 3D movie in history, and helped immensely the adoption of stereoscopy in theaters. However, its recently-released Extended Collector's Edition lacked precisely that: a 3D Blu-ray version, as it will only be offered to buyers of Panasonic 3D hardware. already has a Avatar 3D review of that exclusive edition.

Most readers just will want to know how well the BD 3D edition measures up to the theatrical experience, and according to staff reviewer Martin Liebman, they are in for a treat - if they can get that disc, that is.

The Blu-ray 3D transfer of Avatar "delivers a mesmerizing 1080p experience that's about as close to perfection as any high def 3D release is likely to come for quite some time." The 3D image "is simply stunning in how seamless it truly is; every moment practically transports viewers to Pandora." Depth, detail and colorare also excellent. Ghosting, the bane of many 3D discs is only slightly and sporadically noticeable.

Marty feels that if this disc were to be released wide, rather than as an exclusive bundle, that alone would sell 3D displays. "Why the highest-grossing film of all time and the one fans want to see more than any other in 3D is saddled with an exclusive and therefore pricy release is beyond the imaginations of anyone but the highest-ups at Fox and Panasonic," he laments. (end)

So check out the new Review of James Cameron's AVATAR Blu-ray 3D edition (reviewed by Martin Liebman).

By the way, according to, new copies of the 3D Blu-ray edition of AVATAR are now being offered on eBay at prices of up to $400!

A report from their website...

There is a sure way to extinguish that last light that keeps current 3D TVs on life support. Keep content scarce to support nose-bleed prices and keep movies out of reach for average consumers. If you want to see AVATAR in 3D at home today, you will need to shell out at least $300 and possibly as much as $400.

Buying a 3D TV today must feel like to you are taken for a ride virtually every time you turn around. First you are asked to pay a premium over regular LED TVs, then you are told you only get one pair of glasses, with each additional pair costing somewhere around $150.

3D Blu-ray discs have also been sold for a premium, but there are now limited edition discs that are so short in supply that you won´t find them in stores, but only on eBay. Don't ask us why it is exactly Avatar that is such a limited edition, while it could be the most attractive title for 3D TVs. If you want to see Avatar in 3D on your home TV, you should budget about $300 for the disc. Bidding currently starts at $275 and the most confident buy-it-now price on eBay at the time of this writing is $399.

It is generally believed that Avatar 3D will be generally available to Panasonic 3D TV buyers sometime in December. The general release is expected for 2011.

We are not aware of any regular store supply for this movie, but we did notice that 40" TVs dropped below $300 for the first this Black Friday, 32" TVs below $200 and 40+" LED TVs dropped below $700. 3D TV deals were largely offered in bundles, but prices are well above $1000 and miss the mainstream market by a long shot.

You have to wonder whether the industry is really serious about 3D TV. (end)

And if you want to purchase the Panasonic exclusive AVATAR 3D Blu-ray Ultimate Starter Kit, then click the link^ to purchase from Amazon for $379.95 (includes AVATAR 3D Blu-ray Disc, and 2 rechargable glasses). Of course, you must own a 3D TV display and 3D capable Blu-ray player if you want to view playback in 3D. LIMITED TIME OFFER:
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  1. My friend is waiting for the 3D version and he read that it was delayed because it was taking months to render the video. I will see it on HBO in HD this month because I have an employee DISH Network account. I subscribe to HBO extra but I change it up from time to time with the other 3 premium channels. I qualified for the HD Free For Life as an existing customer which was cool because all of the other providers make you be a new subscriber. I have the Platinum package too which gives me more commercial free movies in HD and so I DVR them on my 722 and watch when I want to.

    In my opinion Avatar and 2012 are the greatest CGI movies so far. I did't care for the plot as much as how beautiful and creative the animation was. The tree scenes were amazing.