Friday, December 24, 2010

James Cameron penning Avatar Bible

Acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron is currently writing an Avatar Bible on which he will base the script for the sequel to his blockbuster 3D sci-fi epic adventure movie. Sam Worthington who played the lead Jake Sully in the first movie has confirmed work has begun on the Avatar follow-up, with director Cameron writing a book on which to base the script, reports

"At the moment, he's still writing what he calls 'The Bible' and detailing the world. Once he's detailed the world - more so than it's already detailed in his big brain, anyway - then, he said he can write the script, and we can go explore the world," said Worthington.

"Things like going underwater, going into the floating mountains," he added.

The 34-year-old star adds the Canadian director has had some "really cool" ideas about what the sequel would entail.

"We've been discussing that with Jim. He has had some ideas he told us, while we were filming, which were really cool and out there," he said.

Avatar which grossed $2.7 billion worldwide is set to have two follow-up movies, the first of which is due in December 2014.


  1. Hope fully the sequels don't ruin the first one as so manyhace done before

  2. to kyle: Cameron and ruin in the same sentence? give me a break...