Wednesday, January 19, 2011

James Cameron sees a future of nothing but 3D movies

Heralded director James Cameron thinks that within a few years, advertising that a movie is available in 3D won't be such a big deal anymore...because almost every single film in theaters will be presented in the new format.

"My guess is that within the next five years we'll be almost completely in 3D in theatres," said Cameron in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. He's been doing local promotions in Australia because that's where his latest film, Sanctum, was shot. Cameron didn't direct Sanctum, but his name is plastered all over the trailers because he lended his expertise in 3D production to the project.

James Cameron is a big fan of 3D, probably because his 3D sensation Avatar made him richer than most humans could ever dream of becoming.

Since the release of Avatar, he has become the self-appointed ambassador of the 3D industry, always willing to speak his mind about how others are doing and what will and won't work in 3D.

Cameron looks at the transition to 3D the same way movies went from black-and-white to color, or the way continuous improvements are being made - and then widely adopted - to surround sound quality.

Sanctum is filmed with the same 3D cameras that were used in Avatar. It's "inspired by true events" from a 1988 caving expedition when 15 explorers were trapped underground due to a storm that prevented their escape.

The Sydney Morning Herald also confirmed, incidentally, that Cameron is working not only on Avatar 2, but on Avatar 3 as well.


  1. 3D needs to die a fast death. I can't enjoy 3D because of my glasses and don't like that movies are now going to rely on 3D to tell a story. Cameron is one of the few that could combine both. I don't like him for his arrogance but like Bruce Lee, he can back up what he says. I just see a trend where all movies are vying to be the next big blockbuster all year round instead of just the Summer and all those not 3D will be pushed aside. I hope that they still have 2D theaters available :-/

  2. Despite of the honorable man's writing, who said he can’t enjoy 3D because of his glasses. Well, I have glasses too and I could see AVATAR 5 times on 3D…. I think it gives the plot more reality that you can “feel” it in a more “round” way. But just like Cameron said himself – even in 3d movie, you still have to have a good story, good actors with great performance, good setting and so on.
    One last thing, about Cameron’s arrogance… I don’t know him personally (I wish to… but…) but I think there’s a difference between arrogance and a clear pure feeling of “I’ve made something big and I’m proud of that, I know what I worth”… I feel that Cameron is this kind of a guy, not an arrogant. And d’you know what? Ever since I’ve seen AVATAR I feel within me, the same feeling! I’m the queen of the world!!!