Friday, November 26, 2010

Avatar Extended Collector's Edition Extra: James Cameron's Inspiration

Acclaimed director James Cameron's Avatar captured the imaginations of moviegoers around the world with its ground-breaking special effects and its lush, beautiful, and sometimes deadly alien creatures and landscapes, becoming the highest-grossing theatrical release of all time and the highest selling Blu-ray release, as well as the fastest. But, where did Cameron come up with the idea to make Avatar after basically abandoning feature filmmaking for documentaries?

In a bonus feature on the newly released Avatar Extended Collector's Edition Blu-ray and DVD, Cameron said that there was "no single moment of inspiration," crediting his "entire childhood" growing up in rural Canada with the impetus for the movie.

I spent all of my time in the woods. I loved critters, you know. I would catch anything that moved and study it, keep it as a pet…so, I grew up with this, kind of, profound sense of wonder about nature and I was also a science fiction and fantasy fan from the earliest time I can remember.

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