Saturday, November 20, 2010

Special peek into secret world of Avatar

MOVIE fans sick at the thought of waiting four years to revisit Pandora in the Avatar sequel can at least discover the secrets behind the blockbuster in the extended collector's edition.

Devotees can dive into the world of the Na'vi, view deleted scenes, interviews with the creators and an extended cut of Avatar and learn how the film was made.

The extended collector's edition of Avatar, to be released on Wednesday, will take viewers behind the scenes.

It reveals the film's amnio tank, where humans are reborn as avatars, took five months to build and caused hours of grief for a team of 120 props makers.

Avatar's creative director, Sir Richard Taylor, from Weta Digital, said a prototype of every prop and object used in the film was made - from Na'vi weapons and jewellery to military and medical equipment.

"We had to evolve a whole ecology, a new world," he said. "In reality, there was no need to make anything physically [because the film uses computer-generated imagery, or CGI] but James Cameron was adamant - if it wasn't made physically, how would the digital effects team be able to create it?"

The Oscar and Golden Globe-winning epic Avatar, seen by more than 310 million people worldwide, is the highest-grossing film ever, taking $2.7 billion at the box office.

Avatar producer Jon Landau said the extended collector's edition revealed all the secrets of making Avatar to encourage aspiring film-makers to embrace modern technology and the benefits of CGI.

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