Monday, February 28, 2011

'Avatar' Star Joel David Moore Confirms Cast Conversations About Sequel

'A lot of things can happen,' he says of potential story lines for a second 'Avatar' film.

Even before "Avatar" came out and collected, oh, only slightly less money than the United States does in annual income taxes, director James Cameron told MTV News he had specific ideas in mind for a potential sequel. Specifically — spoiler alert for the three people in the world who still haven't seen the movie! — that the second film would pick up after the events of the first, with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) having fully transferred his consciousness to his alien body.

Now we have confirmation that Cameron has shared some of those plans with his cast following the film's record-breaking box-office haul. "There have been conversations about certain ways to go," Joel David Moore, who plays human scientist Norm Spellman, told MTV News. "Of course nothing's set in stone. I love all the ideas.

"There are a lot of places for it go and all of those decisions lie in one man's brain," he added about Cameron. "And that is a giant brain. It is hard to feel smart around him."

At the end of the first movie, Spellman is allowed to stay on Pandora following the native Na'vi defeat of the human colonizers. And now we know Cameron expects to have Moore stay around for the sequel.

"Yes, I will be a part of whatever they want me to do," he said. "How can you not? I would love to go back to that world."

But what will his role on Pandora be now? During the final battle against the humans, Spellman's Na'vi avatar was fatally wounded. Will the character be avatar-less in the "Avatar" sequel?

"Anything can happen in a sequel and anything can happen on another planet," said Moore. "Understand that these things are grown from DNA from the Na'vi and us. A lot of things can happen."


  1. Why do you recently post all those news that are about one year old?

  2. well, to wake us up.... of course.... nooot.