Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'Titanic' voted most romantic film of all times

'Titanic', the doomed love story of shipmates Jack and Rose, has come out on top of a list of the most romantic movies ever made.

The blockbuster movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet grabbed the number one spot in the poll, beating off competition from 'Pretty Woman' and 'Dirty Dancing', reported Ace Showbiz online.

'Titanic' was also recently voted most romantic movie moment of all time, for the scene where Jack hugs Rose from behind at front of ship. It beat out the other romantic scenes from popular nine films including 'Love Actually', 'Ghost', 'The Notebook' and six more.

While the James Cameron epic, which spent a decade as the most successful film ever made, was named the best in the poll conducted by Fandango.com, 'Sex and the City 2' was voted the Worst Chick Flick, ahead of 'All About Steve' and 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'.

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  1. Hey, I am attending in an internship at school, and I was wondering if James Cameron would sign my paperwork, helping me with my course.
    my yahoo email is fortunadolucky@yahoo.com, and here is part of my work of analyzing titanic's characters:
    ( The "quotes" are derived from the following web page: http://www.imsdb.com/scripts/Titanic.html)


    (to the porter)

    These trunks here, and 12 more in the Daimler. We'll have all this lot up
    in the rooms."

    -The gesture of Cal confirming that Lovejoy is uncharged of controlling Cal's cargoes implied the familiarity and usefulness of Lovejoy to Cal. And exactly that was all Lovejoy did, the same as what Cal ordered him to do, with no selfishness for his own profits.
    -Thus, Lovejoy represents the people with no ambition, people who just know to work their roles and follow orders.
    -He as a result did not learn to think for himself, so if there's some abrupt event occurring, he will not process fast enough to know what to do, nor how to control his own life. There's more evidence as the story goes deeper.

    --->You probably think :" What on earth did the boy describes Lovejoy for? He is not the main character of the story." WRONG, every character is important, that's why he is in the story. And Lovejoy her did not only to conduct the story flow but also to represent the modern people with no life goal, with no self analyzation,…


    "Jack and Fabrizio, carrying everything they own in the world in the kit
    bags on their shoulders, sprint toward the pier. They tear through milling
    crowds next to the terminal. Shouts go up behind them as they jostle
    slow-moving gentlemen.


    Have you been through the inspection queue?


    (lying cheerfully)

    Of course! Anyway, we don't have lice, we're Americans.

    (glances at Fabrizio)

    Both of us."

    -He shoved through a crowd of gentlemen, despite whatever they might say about his crude action. He thus shows differences, doing what he wanted, not letting others affect his characteristics.
    -He also depicts the ideal distinctiveness by "lying cheerfully", breaking through traditional restraints. For whoever has said that lying is a bad thing? Many, but many of them are also have no idea what is bad, and many of them are ridiculously forceful and insensitive, thus forcing others to follow their unreasonable traditional laws.
    -He was carefree.

    " JACK
    I'm the king of the world !"

    -This quote and pic show that Jack, as powerful king, would have vast and deep impacts upon other characters in this movie, especially to Rose.
    -He represents selfishness for happiness.