Thursday, February 3, 2011

James Cameron To Improve 3D For Avatar 2

James Cameron has revealed that he wants to improve 3D for the Avatar sequel.

Avatar set the standard for 3D cinema when it was released in 2009 - going on to become the biggest grossing movie of all time.

And Cameron is planning to set the bar even higher when he begins to work on a much awaited sequel.

Talking to SpeakEasy the filmmaker said: "For Avatar 2, what I'm most interested in is getting theatres to up their light level," Cameron said.

"And we want to shoot the movie at 48 or maybe even 60 frames a second, and display it at that speed, which will eliminate a lot of the motion artifacts that I think are causing some people problems.

"People talk about feeling sick or something like that, and I think it's because the image is strobing," That's a function of the 24-frame frame rate, which has actually got nothing to do with 3D.

"It's just made more apparent because the 3D is otherwise such an enhanced, realistic image, that all of a sudden you're aware of this funky strobing which you weren't aware of."

Cameron is back on the big screen this week; in a producing capacity at least, with the release of new 3D adventure Sanctum.

As well as Avatar 2 and 3 in the pipeline Cameron is also set to direct Battle Angel, which is based on the Yukito Kishiro graphic novels.

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