Tuesday, February 1, 2011

'Sanctum' movie premiere: James Cameron in the role of - God?

James Cameron amped up the star power at the "Sanctum" movie premiere on Monday night, much like his presence as exec producer has amped up buzz on on the 3-D underwater cave-diving adventure.

The $30-million "Sanctum" budget would hardly count as a decent tip on the bill of something like "Avatar," the effects-laden 2009 smash, but no matter the price, the movie's final cut had to have Cameron's seal of approval.

Director Alister Griersen was a bit overwhelmed when he screened his second movie ever at Cameron's Malibu home: "It was like sitting with God at the pearly gates watching your entire life," he told The Times.

Yes, well, Malibu can have that effect on people.

Cast members Rhys Wakefield, Christopher Baker, Richard Roxburgh, Alice Parkinson Dan Wyllie, Allison Cratchley and Ioan Gruffudd, with actress wife Alice Evans, joined Cameron and Australian Grierson on the red carpet Monday in Hollywood and afterward for a party at the Highlands.

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