Wednesday, February 2, 2011

James Cameron Still Planning To Direct 'Battle Angel,' Offers Significant Plot Update

There isn't a single person reading this blog right now who doesn't know James Cameron's work. The box office dollars show that most of you know him for "Avatar" and "Titanic," but the master filmmaker is responsible for several other cinematic greats, including my personal favorite film of all time, "Aliens."

Still, while I'm psyched to see what Cameron has in store for us with his planned two-part sequel to "Avatar," is it wrong to say that I'm even more excited for his "Battle Angel" adaptation? Cameron has long planned to tackle a feature film version of the high octane manga series from Yukito Kishiro, and it's still coming — but it's going to take a while to get here.

"I’m obviously going to be pretty busy for the next five years [with Avatar 2 and 3]," he tells Collider. "And so I had to consider, do I hand this project off to another director? And then I thought, ‘No, I love it too much.’”

There are nine different volumes in the "Battle Angel Alita" series, so there's a lot of content to cover in the story of the amnesiac cybernetic fighter. But rather than adapting a specific volume, Cameron says he's going to cherry pick some of his favorite elements from the first four books in the series.

"It’s such a rich world," he explained. "What I’m going to do is take the spine story and use elements from the first four books. So, the Motorball from books three and four, and parts of the story of one and two will all be in the movie."

The Motorball news is particularly awesome. In the world of "Battle Angel," Motorball is a hyperviolent sport where competitors have to transport a heavy motorball across the finish line or get eliminated in the process. Knowing what Cameron is capable of in both the action and 3-D arenas, to say that the Motorball scenes in "Battle Angel" will be breathtaking is one huge understatement. It's just too bad it's going to take years and years for us to see it!

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