Tuesday, February 8, 2011

James Cameron uses Twitter to woo fans

James Cameron has fielded a request on his new Twitter account for a big screen part from budding actress Kim Kardashian.

Since making his Twitter debut on January 28, the Oscar-winning filmmaker has already nabbed more than 41,600 followers including celebrities like the reality TV star and Jessica Alba.

Kim used the opportunity to request a big-screen role: "I'm ready for my leading role in 3D! LOL," to which James replied: "Kim, you're already in 3D! See you on Sanctum 2."

But James, who is listed under Jim Cameron, did try to woo Jessica, whom he previously worked with on post-apocalyptic sci-fi TV series Dark Angel.

"Jess, we have to do another kick butt project together soon!" he wrote after she posted: "Yo tweeples follow my dear friend and mentor @JimCameron!!!"

The Avatar and Titanic director, who is promoting his new film Sanctum, claimed he was never tempted to join up to the social networking site because of the 140-character limit.

"I never tweeted before because I'm a long winded blowhard, and they don't allow enough characters," he posted.

But he later joked: "It's easy. Short smartass answers have always been a specialty of mine."

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